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Post by Tara Bernard on Wed Nov 08, 2017 8:59 pm

K. How do you suppose Mary felt about the angel's message foretelling her supernatural pregnancy? What do you think was the hardest thing for Mary to comprehend?

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Lesson One, Discussion K Empty Re: Lesson One, Discussion K

Post by Pamela Meyers on Fri Nov 10, 2017 3:33 pm

Again, supposing Mary's feeling is pure conjecture. Like Zechariah, however, her first thought according to what is written was “But how is this possible?” Of course, after that, she quickly demurred with “I am here to serve God as He sees fit. So be it.” If it were me in that situation, after a psychiatric examination and 9 months of self-doubt, I’d probably be feeling ecstatic, disbelieving, and honored, but--if I'm honest-- also a bit put out. “This is asking a lot! I could be stoned for being pregnant! It's embarrassing because everyone thinks I’m a lying floozy. I just wanted to marry a carpenter, stay home, and bake pies. Guess that plan’s in the crapper.” (And this might be one of many reasons why God picked Mary and not me).

Hardest part for Mary to comprehend? It doesn’t seem like that was a consideration. I think the emphasis the author placed here (especially in contrast to Zechariah) is on Mary’s quick and utter submission, not on whether she strove or should have striven to comprehend it.

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